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Nate On is a messenger with convenience and various functions. It is loved by many people because it can be used as a business messenger where you can communicate, from a well-organized simple chat room with everything you need. Use emoticons and acticons together to make your conversation fun and lively.

NateOn basic information

System requirements and specifications

Nate On
Nate On
ListMore information
operating systemWindows / Android / iOS / MacOS
fileNATEON70.exe / 14.5MB
update2021/10/15 Ver70
Specification information

NateOn has changed its UI/UX and added various features. Not only can you use both desktop and mobile (Android, iOS), but it has the advantage of being able to run zoom, a video call, right away. Change the friend list to suit your taste and even use the remote control service if necessary.

service image

Nateon address bar
Nateon address bar
Nateon Conversation
Nateon Conversation
Nate On Zoom video call
Nate On Zoom video call

Features and Details

With NateOn, you can remotely control e-mails, text messages, and PCs required for work at once. Try real-time conversations and large file transfers with a messenger that lets you find friends and quickly find and use only what you need. Also, the ‘message once’ feature, which is used when security is required, is also very popular.

Installation method and usage

Among the functions of NateOn, TalkOn has the advantage of providing clean quality without noise because there is no noise and no echo, and in the case of remote control, it has the ability to control other people’s PCs. You can easily send and import files, or use remote printing, sound sharing, and recording functions.


If an error occurs in downloading NateOn

If you get a file download error when trying to install NateOn, SmartScreen Filter may be the reason. When using Internet Explorer, select Tools > Safety > Turn off Smart Screen Filter and install the program.

How to use NateOn remote control

First of all, you need to register the PC you want to control. Log in to My PC Control Service > Go to the 'Remote Control' menu on the second PC > Click Install to install the program. After that, go to My PC Control Service and start the control service. Please use it directly in messenger or run the shortcut icon

How to download old version of NateOn

There are people who want to download the old version like NateOn 4.1, but it is currently not available. Please use the latest version.

How to use NateOn without installation

In NateOn, you can use a web messenger service that can be run directly on the web. To run the web messenger, you can use it immediately by logging in from the homepage.


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