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You can remotely control various devices using TeamViewer. It can be connected to a computer, smartphone or tablet for remote control and monitoring as if you were in front of it. We provide easy, fast and secure remote access solutions anytime, anywhere.

TeamViewer Basics

System requirements and specifications

ListMore information
developerTeamViewer GmbH
operating systemWindows / iOS / MacOS / Android
fileTeamViewer_Setup.exe / 33.5MB
update2021/10/08 Ver15.21
Specification information

TeamViewer is commonly used for mobile devices and supports screen sharing technology from the desktop. Used on over 1 billion devices worldwide, it supports industry-leading security standards with 256-bit AES session encryption.

service image

teamviewer remote control
teamviewer remote control
Teamviewer two-way transmission
Teamviewer two-way transmission
teamviewer transfer
teamviewer transfer

Features and details

TeamViewer is designed to remotely control your desktop or mobile iOS, Android, and Linux as if you were sitting in front of it. Not only is it out-of-the-box, but it also allows you to manage unattended remote servers, allowing many people to share and remote control the device’s screen.

Installation and usage

TeamViewer can be installed and used on both the management device and the user device. It has various additional functions such as convenient touch and gesture, interactive file transfer, contact management, chatting, real-time sound and HD video transmission. You can work remotely and manage your IT infrastructure. In addition, since security maintenance and personal information protection are our top priorities, we are working hard to prevent problems with personal information leakage in advance.


Unable to establish teamviewer connection for unknown reason

When using TeamViewer, if you see a warning message 'The teamviewer connection could not be established for an unknown reason' when using TeamViewer, please update to the new version of TeamViewer first. And if you are using the free version, please try to activate your email account. And since it can be temporary, waiting is one way to do it.

How to use TeamViewer?

To use TeamViewer, install and run TeamViewer on both the computer to be remotely controlled and the computer to be controlled > Run the computer to be remotely controlled > Enter the other computer ID and password > Proceed to remote control

Is TeamViewer a free download service?

TeamViewer is free to use by individuals for non-commercial purposes. For business users, single-user, multi-user, and team payments allow up to 500 devices.


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