Naver Whaleon Video Conferencing Download

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You can meet the Whale On service in the Whale Browser developed by Naver. If you have a web browser, there is no need for a separate download, and it is a service that allows you to start a video conference quickly and easily. Conveniently use online video conferencing that you thought was difficult to access.

Basic information on NAVER Whale on video conferencing

System requirements and specifications

Whaleon video conferencing
Whaleon video conferencing
ListMore information
developerNaver Corp.
operating systemWindows / iOS / MacOS / Android
fileNaverwhale.exe / 2.2MB
update2021/10/08 Ver2.11.126.6
Specification information

It is a service that can be run not only on Windows, but also on iOS and Android. Since it is a service built into the Naver Whale browser, create a meeting and start a video conference by invitation.

service image

Whale-on video conferencing begins
Whale-on video conferencing begins
Whale on entry
Whale on entry
Whale on screen sharing
Whale on screen sharing

Features and details

If you set the input/output device and the camera status and microphone speaker status are correct, you can use it immediately. Naver Whale On provides various functions. It provides virtual background application function, screen switching function, participant name change, reaction function, screen sharing function, etc.

Installation and usage

You can easily start a video conference from the Whale Browser, select Whale On from the toolbar or menu. When you create a meeting, you become the host. A meeting name can be up to 30 characters in length, and the dedicated meeting room function creates a meeting with fixed information. Only users who enter by URL and who have approved the waiting room can enter.


Is Naver Whaleon video conferencing free?

Currently, all features of Whale video conferencing are free.

What is the maximum number of people entering Naver Whale On?

The Whale On Service can accommodate up to 500 people. Up to 49 people can be displayed on one screen.

What is Naver Whaleon's dedicated conference room?

Each logged-in account has an ID, password, and link for the dedicated video conference room. Since this information is always the same, it is a function that allows you to use the conference URL by registering it as a bookmark.

What are the privileges of Naver Whaleon Host?

Host refers to the moderator at the time of the meeting, and the meeting organizer becomes the host. You can use functions such as admitting participants, ejecting them, allowing screen sharing, and requesting to use a camera or microphone.


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