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This is a service that allows you to enjoy voice chat provided by Nate On. It is a voice chat service that can be used at any time as long as you have an ID. Whether you want to play an online game or have a direct conversation with a group of people, talk on to meet your friends in clear, noise-free sound quality.

Talk-On Basic Information

System requirements and specifications

talk on
talk on
ListMore information
developerSK C&C
operating systemWindows
fileTeamViewer_Setup.exe / 33.5MB
update2021/10/08 Ver15.21
Specification information

Talk On provides a service that allows up to 50 people to participate simultaneously when playing online games. Not only can you organize a group meeting through voice chat, but you can also exchange text messages or have a conversation right away during a language study.

service image

talk-on voice
talk-on voice
Talk-on study
Talk-on study
talk-on chat
talk-on chat

Features and details

Nate-On Talk-On is limited to 30 people in high-quality rooms and 50 people in regular rooms. Noise-free and echo-free, resulting in clean, noise-free quality.

Installation and usage

When you create a chat room, a unique address for the chat room is created, and if you copy the address, you can access it through a link on the website. In addition, even when running from NateOn, it can be connected to TalkOn, and it can be executed through Start Menu > Programs or the desktop icon.


Is TalkOn Mobile installation supported? Can not be done?

TalkOn is a program that can be used on NateOn's PC and cannot be used on mobile. It is not available on Android or iOS.

Can I use TalkOn Mac and iPhone?

Talk-on service is not provided directly on Mac.

Would you recommend an app like TalkOn?

Voice conversations such as talk-on can use Discord. Unlike TalkOn, it can also be used as an app, so many people are using it.


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