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Discord, used as a communication channel, is a community space where you can hang out with many friends. You can use text, voice, and video not only through PC but also through mobile. It is a messenger that can be used by game guild groups and communities around the world.

Discord Basic Information

System requirements and specifications

ListMore information
developerDiscord Inc.
operating systemWindows / MacOS / iOS / Android
fileDiscordsetup.exe / 79.2MB
update2021/09/23 Ver1.0.9003
Discord Specifications

It can be run not only on Windows, but also on Mac and Android. The minimum installation environment requires Windows 7 or higher, MacOS 10 or higher, and Android 5 or higher.

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Features and details

In the early days, only simple voice chat and general chat were supported, but now it provides easy-to-use voice chat for gamers and general users and an intuitive interface for gamers. You can easily show your screen to others because you can use video calls and screen sharing functions.

Installation and usage

Deco can be run directly on the web without downloading. Also, when running in a web browser, you can use the invitation-only space divided into topic-based channels. You can install the Mac and Android versions from the Discord download page. Instructions for installing and using the program can be found in the following article.


How to Fix Discord Voice and Video Issues

The first thing to check is the headset of your microphone. Mute OK, and if there are no problems, you should additionally check the server administrator or owner's microphone or headset mute. next Check Channel/Role Permissions Try it. finally Check the volume settingYou should.

finally Check the volume settingYou should.

Please check the latest version of the driver. Check if the version is updated, turn off hardware acceleration in settings, and try running it again. Or try using a web browser app.

[macOS] Installation and update errors

Quit Discord by using ⌘ + Q or by selecting the quit option from the menu bar, then try restarting after deleting ~/Library/Application Support/Discord folder and /Library/Application Support/Discord folder. After that, try reinstalling the Discord app.


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