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KakaoTalk, developed by Kakao, is an SNS messenger service. As a service with the slogan of the beginning of all connections between people and the world, it is the most loved messenger service in Korea. It has various additional features such as conversation using emoticons, channels, and mail themes.

Kakao Talk Basic Information

System requirements and specifications

Kakao Talk PC
Kakao Talk PC
ListMore information
developerKakao Corp.
operating systemWindows / iOS / MacOS / Android
fileKakaoTalk_Setup.exe / 68.4MB
update2021/10/08 Ver3.3.3.2924
Specification information

KakaoTalk is a service that can be run not only on Windows, but also on iOS and Android. If you download the PC version, you can not only use it almost the same as mobile, but also synchronize it and use it as a daily or business messenger.

service image

Kakao Talk Chat
Kakao Talk Chat
Kakao Talk Emoticons
Kakao Talk Emoticons
KakaoTalk connection
KakaoTalk connection

Features and details

KakaoTalk is Korea’s representative messenger, and it has the advantage of being able to use it for free in real time, anywhere, anytime. Free chat is available, so try chatting with 1:1 chat or group chat. It is possible to send and receive multimedia photos and videos along with messages.

Installation and usage

You can use various emoticons with chat features. You can talk about parts that cannot be expressed in words by using animated emoticons. Not only can you quickly and conveniently browse the products provided by Kakao Shopping, but it also helps your business by using channels that anyone can create and use for free. You can also manage mailboxes through Kakao Mail.


How to check KakaoTalk blocking?

There is no way to 100% know if someone is blocking you. However, it is possible to estimate, but you can check if there is a remittance mark, delete friends, check recommended friends, or invite them to a group chat room.

How to log in to KakaoTalk PC version connection

After installing KakaoTalk on a PC, you can use it only after you authenticate your computer through the Get My PC Authenticated function. Alternatively, you can receive a one-time authentication number for temporary authentication. Try authentication through Settings > Personal/Security > PC Version Verification Number.

How to Fix KakaoTalk Error Code 997

KakaoTalk error code 997 indicates account suspension. If open chat is suspended, you cannot log in until the suspension period expires.

How to fix KakaoTalk error code 50150

KakaoTalk error code 50150 indicates 'login failed', indicating that access is blocked by the firewall. Go to Settings > Advanced > Proxy Settings > Server 8080 and try logging in again.

How to fix KakaoTalk error codes 70106, 10060

KakaoTalk error codes 70106 and 10060 are often caused by Windows Defender Firewall. Windows Firewall > Select 'Allow an app or function through the firewall' > Find KakaoTalk > Select Private/Shared and log in again.


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