How to use the latest version of PC Alyac free antivirus

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The Alyac that protects various malicious codes is a vaccine program that is one of the egg series provided by EST Soft. The Alyac, which has the slogan to protect my PC from the threats of malware and ransomware, has secured 12 million users due to its reliable detection and convenient usability.


      About Alyac

      National integrated vaccine Alyac

      What are Alyac?

      The Alyac shows an excellent detection rate, and it is characterized by having two dual engines. The advantage is that it faithfully blocks the inflow of risk factors through real-time monitoring, network security, and media control functions. The reason why it can be said that it is the best integrated security solution is that it has a low minimum specification and is loved because the user UI is simple and convenient.


      Function introduction


      How to secure your Alyac system

      Alyac responds to security vulnerabilities as follows. First of all, vulnerability check and action order are resolved in the same part as patch, and it can be seen that the transmission of the check status result and the installation of the system vulnerability action patch are carried out at the same time, and it can be seen that the response is in a virtuous cycle. Also, in the case of ransomware, if a vulnerability in the software is found, it can be seen that PC Defender in the tablet is responding in a way that blocks behavior-based ransomware.


      Explore the Alyac function

      Reasons for choosing Alyac, take a look at their features

      6 main functions of Alyac

      It can be seen that the Alyac is also very faithful to the basic function. Alyac chooses a dual engine structure and detects threats collected from the world at the DB level. It also blocks suspicious behavior in advance based on the behavior engine AI. In addition, the powerful self-protection function provides strong protection against malicious codes and various security threats.


      corporate Alyac


      Alyac central management solution for corporate security

      Also worth noting is ASM4, a central management solution for Alyac Enterprise integrated security management is typically not easy to solve and respond to, either costly or technically. However, since the central management solution of the Alyac performs security management and asset management security policy, companies are also interested in it.


      What are the effects and advantages of introducing ASM4?

      You may be wondering how the central management solution called ASM4 is configured from the point of view of a company, but you can think of it as follows. The advantage is that it can be monitored anytime and anywhere by applying policies for each department and user, security reports are provided, and easy asset management is possible.


      ASM4 configuration

      From the perspective of running a company, it is a great advantage that administrators can take necessary actions while monitoring the company’s security status in real time through ASM. Also, from a security standpoint, having a lot of end-user data means that you can indirectly experience a variety of environments, so the Alyac is also an advantageous aspect. There are many reasons to choose this Alyac, but the fact that more than 5,000 private companies, more than 1,000 public companies, and more than 2,000 educational companies are using East Soft Alyac is also one of the most reliable parts.


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