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You can meet the Naver Toolbar in the Chrome extension. In addition to making web surfing more convenient, you can check captures, memos, dictionaries, bookmarks, texts, etc. at a glance. The ability to easily capture the desired screen is as powerful as that of various screen capture programs.

Naver Toolbar Basic Information

System requirements and specifications

Naver Toolbar Download
Naver Toolbar Download
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developerNaver Corp.
operating systemWindows / iOs / MacOS / Linux
update 2021/08/15 Ver1.0.1.16
Specification information

On August 31, 2021, the service was terminated. In the Chrome extension, the Naver Toolbar service recommends downloading its own service, Whale Browser.

service image

Naver Toolbar
Naver Toolbar
Naver Toolbar Capture
Naver Toolbar Capture
Naver Toolbar Add-on
Naver Toolbar Add-on

Features and details

It is the most used tool for web surfing.AlcaptureOr use the Naver Toolbar or change the Internet browser such as Whale Browser altogether. Naver Toolbar is equipped with shortcut functions that can be used quickly and conveniently by using the right button and dragging, from the basic button of opening/closing a new tab. As the main function, you can take a look at the bookmark and memo functions along with the capture. You can use a mini dictionary with social media sharing.

Installation and usage

It can be used through a chrome extension (we recommend downloading the web browser for now). There is no burden on the installation capacity of the program, and in addition to the above basic functions, it has a bookmark function, a memo function, and a game quick launch function as additional functions. There is no need to open a program or a new tab because you can use the button in the upper right corner to see it at a glance.


What is Naver Toolbar?

Naver Toolbar provides convenient and powerful capture function. You do not need to open a new tab for the mini English-English dictionary, memo function, and bookmark function.

How to delete Naver Toolbar (how to remove)

After running the Chrome extension, click the Remove Naver Toolbar button to remove it.

How to download and install Naver Toolbar?

You can get it from the Chrome extension (extension). The service has ended on August 31, 21, and we recommend installing the Whale browser.


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