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Easy PDF Editor 3.0, a free PDF editing program, is a program created with the technology of Unidax, a leading electronic document company. In addition to pdf editing, it is equipped with a function to convert to pdf with annotations and text boxes.

EZPDF Editor Basic Information

System requirements and specifications

ezpdf download
ezpdf download
ListMore information
developerUnidocs Inc.
operating systemWindows
fileEzpdf_Personal / 35.7MB
update 2021/08/23 Ver3.0.7.4
Specification information

EZPDF, which can be run on Windows, enables efficient work such as editing and security by converting documents in various formats. Maximize the use of documents from viewing documents to conversion, reverse conversion, editing and revision.

service image

pdfeditor download
pdfeditor download
pdfeditor download
pdfeditor download

Features and details

From viewing documents to editing functions, page view and flipping effects, pan/magnification and rotation effects, basic functions of slideshow and full view, conversion/reverse conversion from other formats to PDF files, image conversion quality settings, PDF merge page It is equipped with various functions, such as import/export, individual page deletion and order change, and text editing.

Installation and usage

The EZPDF provided by Unidax is divided into a version that can be used on the Internet that can be used by individuals/businesses on the web, and a version that is used in the intranet/closed network used by organizations. A paid download for business and a trial version for business are also available, so you can use it for 30 days. Individuals are free.


Is it possible to delete a specific page?

You can erase the part you want by using Delete Text or Delete Rectangle in the editing tool. The aforementioned rectangle deletion is a function to delete all at once through dragging.

Can I print multiple pages on one sheet?

The EZPDF editor is capable of capturing and multi-printing. It is available through Print / Printer Properties / Advanced / Multi-Image Settings.

Can I change the order of documents when merging PDFs?

After importing the files, you can change the order by clicking the file name in the merge list and then dragging it.


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