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Naver Vaccine had a previous name of Line Vaccine. It is a free, ad-free antivirus application that can protect your device from mobile security threats and even keep your desktop PC safe. Try various features such as app inspection, performance optimization, safe browsing, and more.

Naver Vaccine Basic Information

System requirements and specifications

Naver Vaccine
Naver Vaccine
ListMore information
developerNaver Corp.
operating systemWindows / MacOS / iOS / Android
fileNVCInst.ext / 12.4MB
update2021/10/18 Ver15.2.7
Specification information

As it was rebranded from NHN Line Vaccine to Naver Vaccine, the main functions have improved. You can scan for malicious code in your storage space with Deep Scan for dangerous apps on your device.

service image

Naver Antivirus
Naver Antivirus
Naver Vaccine Optimization
Naver Vaccine Optimization
Naver antivirus app management
Naver antivirus app management

Features and details

An antivirus program for both PC and mobile that can detect dangerous apps. It has optimization features to clear unnecessary history or clean up memory. The Safe Browsing function is a function that automatically checks whether the accessed site is a dangerous address such as a malicious site.

Installation and usage

After installation, you can start the basic scan. Also, if you use the WIFI check file safe deletion and app management functions, we provide services to help you manage your device neatly. Not only can you check at a glance what kind of personal information the app installed on your smartphone is accessing, but also notify you when installing with the real-time scan function. In addition, the scheduled scan feature ensures that you can use it at any time you want.


What to do if Naver Antivirus engine update fails

If the engine update fails, try updating the PC in safe mode. If NAVER Anti-Virus does not run properly or the malicious code is not treated, first boot in safe mode (using networking) and then update to the latest engine. After that, proceed to the detailed inspection.

How to deal with malicious code not being scanned by Naver Antivirus

Because each antivirus program has different methods and policies for diagnosing malicious code, there may be cases where the scan may not be performed. Naver AntiVirus receives reports through the 'Report Virus' function and uses them as reference for updates.

How to handle files quarantined in Naver Vaccine Quarantine

Naver Antivirus Quarantine is a space where critical files such as worms, Trojans, and backdoors are stored in the system. You can check it yourself, delete it, and restore it, and it will be stored for 30 days and then automatically deleted. Saved files are self-compressed to prevent spread and re-infection.


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