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Meet the Internet Explorer web browser developed by Microsoft. Since it is a web browser that is installed by default in Windows, it is a program that users who have already installed the OS must come across. Regardless of Windows 10 or Windows 7, it is recommended to keep the latest version because there are times when you need it.

Firefox browser basics

System requirements and specifications

internet explorer
internet explorer
ListMore information
developerMicrosoft Corp.
operating systemWindows / iOS / MacOS / Android
fileEIE11_EN-US_x64.exe / 55.7MB
update 2021/10/10 See
Specification information

Internet Explorer browser, which can be run not only on Windows, but also on iOS or Android, does not need to be installed separately because Explorer 11 is already installed on Windows 10. However, this is an available choice for reinstallation or other OS.

service image

Explorer 11
Explorer 11
Explorer screen
Explorer screen
Explorer Edge
Explorer Edge

Features and Details

Internet Explorer is highly compatible with government-related sites and is convenient to use on sites that only work with Internet Explorer. You can also use RSS feeds.

Installation method and usage

Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer will be discontinuing all IE11 apps and services on August 17, 2020. However, it does not prevent use and recommends using Microsoft Edge. In addition, we have made an official statement that Microsoft Edge will be running when Internet Explorer is launched from the year 22.


How to reinstall Internet Explorer 11

You can proceed with the method of uninstalling first and then reinstalling it. Windows Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Optional Features > Click the Uninstall Internet Explorer 11 button, and then reinstall it by downloading.

How to enable/disable Internet Explorer Edge auto-switching

How to enable/disable automatic switching, you can select Active Disable via 'Always' or 'Never' in Microsoft Edge menu > Settings > Default browser > 'Use Internet Explorer to open sites in Microsoft Edge'.

How to unblock explorer pop-up

To block pop-ups, click the Settings icon at the top right of the browser > Click Internet Options > Select Privacy tab > Uncheck Enable Pop-up Blocker.


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