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The alyac used to remove ransomware or malware in software is a domestic vaccine made by Eastsoft. As an integrated vaccine, the alyac can easily scan for viruses on PC as well as on mobile devices. In addition, it is playing a role in protecting the PC from threats by remediing vulnerabilities that are difficult to understand.

alyac Basic Information

System requirements and specifications

alyac download
alyac download
ListMore information
developerESTSOFT Inc.
operating systemWindows / MacOS / iOS / Android
fileAlyac25.exe / 46.4MB
update 2021/09/23 Ver25
Specification information

It can be run not only on Windows, but also on Mac and Android. The minimum installation environment requires Windows 7 or higher, MacOS 10 or higher, and Android 5 or higher. It scans for ransomware and malware infections and provides an optimal PC environment through real-time detection.

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alyac alyac
alyac alyac
alyac alyac
alyac alyac
alyac alyac
alyac alyac

Features and details

A alyac that detects invisible information and protects it from cyber threats, protects your PC in various forms and methods. If your computer suddenly slows down, you can suspect cryptojacking, and if it hides malicious code, you can suspect malvertising. Also, unprotected documents and files can be infected with ransomware. Finally, it protects your PC from pharming that launches fake sites.

Installation and usage

alyac are provided by Eastsoft. It not only has the largest database in Korea, but also accurately identifies malicious codes with its dual engine. Windows, Mac, and Android versions can be installed, please see installation and usage.


Do alyac have self-protection properties?

If the alyac is attacked from the outside, the alyac is designed to activate the self-protection function and provide real-time monitoring, treatment, and update. It protects against threats such as viruses and malware and helps to function normally.

The alyac doesn't work.

Please check the latest version first. Please check if the version is updated and try again. If the update window appears and disappears immediately, it may be infected with malware.

What should I do if the alyac is infected with malware?

If the update window appears and disappears immediately after the tablet is executed, or if the execution itself does not work, a dedicated vaccine must be installed. Please check the reference box.


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