How to use easy PDF file Korean conversion program introduction

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It’s been a while since pdf files became public. There must be at least one way to convert and merge PDFs of various electronic document formats. I would like to introduce EZPDPF, which can convert and merge documents in different formats into a single PDF document. The reason I use it is that it can be used as a single viewer and can be used with various annotation management and document editing functions. You can insert and draw attachments, images, and notes in PDF documents, as well as manage annotations such as highlighter functions.


      About Easy PDF

      We provide the personal/business version of the official page.

      What is EZPD?

      In the case of ezPDF Editor3.0, you can convert documents in various formats, and you can even take care of document viewing and editing security. It can also be used individually. It can be used free of charge by individual users for non-commercial purposes, as well as domestic university students and faculty. In addition, unlike personal use, companies can obtain and install a license key to use. It also provides a trial version for businesses, so it has the advantage of being able to try and use it.


      Available in both personal and business versions.


      EZPDF function


      Hana Hangul font support

      Not only text editing and editing is possible, but also because it supports the Haeah Hangul font (HTF), documents using the Haa Hangul font can be converted to the same as the original without font replacement. When many people try to convert PDF using other programs, the PDF document different from the original can be created by replacing the font dedicated to Haeah Hangul with another font.


      PDF creation and security features

      Creating new PDF documents is easy. In the page view, you can not only change pages and extract necessary pages, but also create new PDF documents by scraping desired areas such as text and multimedia. It is possible to maintain document security and protect personal information. When creating a document, it can be used to maintain the security of the document by blackmarking sensitive and personal information to be exposed to the outside.


      PDF document editing function

      How to merge PDFs

      How to merge PDFs

      Click the Merge button at the top to merge PDFs. It is easy to use because the functions mainly used when grouping or separating many files at once are gathered by the quick menu button above.


      Adjust merge order

      You can adjust the order of documents by clicking and dragging.

      How to change the order of documents when merging PDFs

      Click and drag to merge

      Guess the order of the PDF files. Guess the order of the PDF files. The result can be checked on the left page preview screen. The result can be checked on the left page preview screen. It has various additional editor functions, such as changing the document order, printing multiple pages on one sheet, etc.

      final review

      You can merge or edit various documents through ezpdf, and you can see that the result of merging is as above. An electronic text editor that is more reliable because it is a domestically developed PDF editing software. How about you try it once?


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