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NHN Line’s photo shooting and photo editing service allows you to attach animated stickers while editing along with various shooting functions. Along with regularly updated free stickers, we provide 1000 kinds of stickers or 100 kinds of frames and fonts for free.

Line Camera Photo Editor Basic Information

System requirements and specifications

NHN Line Camera
NHN Line Camera
ListMore information
developerNHN Line Corp.
operating systemiOS / Android
update2021/10/18 Ver15.2.7
Specification information

NHN Line cameras are equipped with a moving sticker or face changing function to make your photos more cute and fun. Meet on Android and iOS as a mobile-only service. More than 1000 items are prepared for free items that are constantly coming out, including hand graffiti, sophisticated drawings, and witty characters. Please also refer to Naver’s other services.

service image

line camera sticker
line camera sticker
line camera theme
line camera theme
line camera fix
line camera fix

Features and Details

The Line Camera can take not only photos but also videos in a fun way. Newly added face swapping and moving sticker functions are features that allow you to enjoy the moment. Use it as your own camera app as an app that can be used in various themes of color.

Installation method and usage

Line Camera not only offers tons of stickers, but it also offers high-quality, stylish filters that allow you to fine-tune even the smallest details. It can be applied when taking photos, and when editing, you can make your own stickers and attach them, or make your skin smooth by shooting through the Beauty Mode. The ability to express multiple photos in a collage allows you to freely place multiple photos in a designated layout.


Is there a way to use the line camera PC version?

no. Line Camera is a mobile-only app, and there is no web version. Please use the Android or iOS version.

Can Line Camera edit videos?

Line Camera can not only shoot and edit photos, but also shoot and edit videos. Try using various stickers and animations.

Can I make collages with Line Camera photo editing?

Line Camera provides a function to express multiple photos as a collage. Take a pretty picture and keep it special.


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