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The WeChat PC app has gone beyond a simple social media app and has become a lifestyle essential messenger. You can send messages, photos and videos, make voice calls, and make video calls, as well as payment features such as WeChat Pay. It provides high-quality video calls including group chat, a feature of mobile messenger.

WeChat Basic Information

System requirements and specifications

wechat app
wechat app
ListMore information
developerCocoa However.
operating systemWindows / Android / iOS / MacOS
fileWeb / Android / iOS
update2021/10/15 Ver3.1.3
Specification information

Billions of users use WeChat because it allows you to send and receive messages with your friends through a variety of chat methods such as text, photo, voice, video, and location sharing. Invite up to 500 people to create a group chat room, as well as create your own gallery or use popular anime and movie characters like the sticker gallery.

service image

wechat chat room
wechat chat room
wechat desktop
wechat desktop
WeChat video and voice calls
WeChat video and voice calls

Features and Details

WeChat provides services such as opening and sharing my gallery, status expression, custom stickers, WeChat Pay, and WeChat Out for making global calls based on the chat service. The service is available on desktop and mobile (Android, iOS). The Weixin service is also provided as a separate service for channels, official accounts, and mini programs to expand your own world. Compare with other PC messengers.

Installation method and usage

When signing up for WeChat, you can sign up for membership after installing the application on your mobile phone. After setting the language you use, verify your mobile phone (receive and use the SMS code) to complete membership registration. When using WeChat on a desktop, you can use QR login. Press the QR code scan button on your mobile to sync your WeChat account. After that, if you click the ‘Automatic sync message to Windows after login’ button, you will be notified every time you connect. After that, you can find friends through your contact information and use messenger.


How to sync wechat pc login

To synchronize WeChat with your PC, you need to scan the QR code. After creating an account on mobile, you can install WeChat PC version and synchronize by QR code login operation.

How to Add WeChat Friends

To add a friend on WeChat, click the '+' icon at the top of the 'Contacts' tab to add a contact. Alternatively, you can search by entering your friend's ID or phone number.

WeChat Security Check and Security Settings How to Login with Friends

In the case of WeChat, security settings are in place to prevent unexpected access or hacking. If login is restricted or blocked according to WeChat policy, you can authenticate by texting or calling your friend. After contacting the WeChat customer center, the friend can remove the restriction by the friend's secondary authentication by clicking the account > 'Friend login support' button.


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