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Meet the Internet browser Chrome browser developed by Google. It is a free web browser that you can use. Not only is an environment that can be used on smartphones, tablets, and laptops all available, but if you use the sync function with account login, you can use the same environment anywhere.

Google Chrome Browser Basic Information

System requirements and specifications

ListMore information
developerGoogle INC.
operating systemWindows / iOS / MacOS / Android
fileChromeSetup.exe / 1.3MB
update 2021/10/08 Ver94.0.4606.81
Specification information

The Chrome browser, which can run not only on Windows but also on iOS or Android, can take advantage of extensions, security, synchronization, and bookmarks.

service image

chrome browser
chrome browser
chrome tools function
chrome tools function
chrome navigation tool
chrome navigation tool

Features and Details

The Chrome browser has taken care of its interface. There are no ads on the main screen, and it can be used as a browser that increases productivity by utilizing Gmail, Google pay, and Google App.

Installation method and usage

Since Google Chrome can be used on both desktop and mobile, you can explore using powerful search tools. In addition, since we have focused on online safety management, you can safely use your data, such as personal information, online. You can also save passwords, use dark mode, calendar, and more.


How to Fix Chrome Not Installed Issue

First of all, you must be connected to the Internet to install Chrome. Check your internet connection. Try disabling GoogleCrashHandler.exe on Windows. It is responsible for sending information when a crash has occurred and is affected.

Error 1603 and 0x00000643 in Windows

One of the problems you may have with installing the application, you can go to Microsoft-easy-fix to fix it.

Troubleshooting Error 0x80070070 in Chrome Browser Windows

If you encounter error 0x80070070 during Chrome installation, it means that your system disk is full. To solve the problem, we recommend that you free up some space on your system disk for installation.

How to Fix Cannot Install Because I'm Not a Windows Administrator

If you are not an administrator, you cannot install it. To check if you are an administrator, click Run and enter control userpasswords2 to check if 'administrator group' is displayed in the user name. If not, please contact your system administrator to obtain access.


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