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Meet the Firefox browser, an Internet browser developed by Mozilla. With the slogan of having no complex privacy policies or backdoors, there is no such thing as blocking third-party tracking cookies or blocking social trackers. Compared to other browsers, it can be used on all devices and has excellent performance.

Firefox browser basics

System requirements and specifications

firefox browser
firefox browser
ListMore information
developerMozila Corp.
operating systemWindows / iOS / MacOS / Android
fileFirefox_installer.exe / 0.4MB
update 2021/10/10 See 93.0
Specification information

The Chrome browser, which can run not only on Windows but also on iOS or Android, can take advantage of extensions, security, synchronization, and bookmarks. It also has the advantage of faster browsing speed because it uses less memory than Chrome.

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Firefox Chrome Comparison
Firefox Chrome Comparison
firefox browser
firefox browser
Mozilla web app
Mozilla web app

Features and Details

The Chrome browser is at the forefront of fast performance and privacy. Not only does it block ad trackers, but it also consumes less memory and is fast.

Installation method and usage

Mozilla Firefox is available for both desktop and mobile, so you can take advantage of its powerful tool features. There are many OSs available, and there is an auto-play blocking function. After installation, in the address line, there is a search function, bookmarks, browsing history and tab information search results display function. Custom browser settings and compatibility with Google products help increase productivity, and privacy is protected, so history deletion and leaked website notifications are triggered. Try applying the cryptocurrency miner blocking function and privacy mode along with the auto-filling function of the input form.


Firefox vpn features and privacy mode

Privacy mode is one of Firefox's main features. This does not mean that you can surf the Internet anonymously. This does not mean that you can surf the Internet anonymously.

Firefox Bypass 2021 SNI Information

Firefox Bypass Blocked – It was possible to bypass SNI blocking, but the error message PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR was output and ESNI support was discontinued after updating to Firefox 85.

Firefox Chrome Comparison

Firefox consumes 30% less memory than Chrome and does not track personal information and provide third parties. In addition, since information between browsers can be retrieved and used, it is possible to compare them after using them together.


  • How to use Mozilla Firefox browser

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