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Hancom Typing Practice is a simple and fun way to practice typing. The Hancom Taja service is popular because it provides easy access to beginners to experts who want to speed things up. Also, if the basics are strong, the speed will increase quickly, so you can practice from the basic position and improve your typing skills step by step. Please try place practice, short writing practice, vocabulary practice, and long writing practice. Anyone who loves Hangul can easily practice Hangul typing.

Hancom Typing Practice Basic Information

System requirements and specifications

Hancom typing practice
Hancom typing practice
ListMore information
developerHancom soft.
operating systemWindows / MacOS
update2021/10/15 Ver3.2.2
Specification information

Hancom typing practice can be used regardless of Windows or MacOS because it is provided in the form of a web service. Also, if you sign up as a member, you can save practice records, points, etc. In order for foreigners who are new to Hangeul to learn Hangul easily, you can practice from basic seat exercises to word practice, short writing practice, and long writing practice. Not only can you practice step by step, but you can also enjoy the fun of improving your skills while accumulating points earned.

service image

Hancom typing practice
Hancom typing practice
Hancom typing vocabulary practice
Hancom typing vocabulary practice
Hancom typing short text practice
Hancom typing short text practice

Features and Details

In Hancom typing practice, the keyboard is basically set in the form of a standard dubuol-sik. If the keyboard settings do not match, you can change the settings. It also checks your progress, number of typos, and accuracy, so please check your accuracy and speed as well. In the long writing practice, which can be used before the actual battle after the place practice, vocabulary practice, and short writing practice, you can use stories about Korea, stories about Dokdo, stories about independence activists, 625 war heroes, and national anthems. Also, please measure the speed for 5 minutes with the text you want through the ‘Imported text’ function so that you can type the text you have loaded.

Installation method and usage

Among the recent updates, the biggest advantage is that it can be used without installation. Since you can practice typing on the keyboard anytime, anywhere, you can build up your skills no matter where you are. Also, I hope you can feel the greatness of Hangeul by repeating the texts you can see in long writing practice. If you want to play a typing game, please enjoy the various services provided, such as catching moles, stacking coins, flipping boards, and acid rain.


Is it possible to install and download the old version of Hancom Typing Practice?

An old version of Hancom typing practice is also provided. However, Customer Center > FAQ > 'Can I download and use the old Hancom typing practice?' If you check the 'Please click the download button to install it' item in the answer, a link is provided.

Is Hancom Typing Practice a free version?

Hancom typing practice is provided free of charge. We provide a service so that users can practice keyboard and use it even if they do not sign up for membership.

Are there multiple versions of Hancom typing practice?

Hancom typing practice is provided in three ways. These are 'services included in the office package', 'services available for download on Hancom.com', and 'services on the Hancom typing practice website'. In the website version, we also provide soft movement characters and game services.


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