Naver Toolbar Capture Installation Introduction How to use

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What capture program are you using? Isn’t there a toolbar that I can use comfortably while surfing the web? Isn’t there a toolbar that I can use comfortably while surfing the web?


      About Naver Toolbar

      Naver Toolbar installation page

      What is Naver Toolbar?

      There are a few buttons that many people use a lot when surfing the web. You can think of it as a tool that allows you to perform close actions together with basic buttons such as previous next open new tab at once. What you used to use by pressing the button at the top of the browser can now use the right button + drag to quickly and conveniently use the functions you want. And I can easily capture useful information, a function I use most, and save and share it right away. Let’s take a look one by one.


      Naver Toolbar Main Features


      3 main functions

      There are six main features to be introduced. Three of them are as above. first of all Naver Toolbar You can save the screen you want as a capture of. In addition, you can easily record necessary information with bookmarks and memo functions, and you can quickly share it with your friends through your favorite blog or SNS, as well as use the mini-dictionary.


      3 additional features

      The three additional features are as above. The mandatory conditions can be used only when you log in to Naver, and it has a bookmark function, a memo function, and a game quick launch function.


      How to install Naver Toolbar

      How to install Naver Toolbar Chrome

      How to install Naver Toolbar Chrome

      You can find it by installing the Web Store, an extension for Chrome. Naver Toolbar has more than 100,000 users and has many good features among productivity products.


      How to use Naver Toolbar’s main functions


      How to Capture Naver Toolbar

      Capture function is the best function among Naver toolbar functions. You can capture by pressing the toolbar button and selecting a custom designation, full screen, or visible screen.


      How to use Naver Toolbar Bookmark

      Naver Toolbar manages bookmarks. Please try to collect and use the sites you frequently visit or the sites you have designated yourself. Because it is a login standard, you can use it conveniently.

      How to use Naver Toolbar Dictionary

      How to use Naver Toolbar English English Korean Dictionary

      Naver Toolbar provides a dictionary for immediate use. There is no need to open a separate tab because it provides a variety of dictionaries such as English/English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dictionaries.


      How to use Naver Toolbar add-on

      Naver Toolbar Gesture Function

      gesture function

      By using the swipe gesture function, which is an easy function, you can switch pages or close the window at once. Create the functions you need by using motion that you don’t need right now.


      memo function

      How to use the Naver Toolbar memo function is simple. You can tap Create a new note, save it, and manage your notes through the list view. You can view the memo list or use the Favorites function to directly manage what you need.


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