How to Use the Discord PC Voice Chat Web Installation Link Introduction

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Do you know the discords that are used as communication channels? Generally, not only PC but also application programs are divided into popular Mumble and Discord programs. Let’s take a look at the discords today. These days, there are many platforms that are similar to discords and support apps and programs in Korean. I think the UI and system that are tailored for user convenience is also very good.


      To install a discord

      Install the Mac Discord page

      discord story

      If you’re going to install a discord, you can use it on any platform, any OS, and because I’m using it on Mac, I’m going to try installing it for Mac. Of course, I’ll introduce it below, but I don’t think it’s going to be difficult to install it because it provides both Windows and Linux versions.


      Discord Introduction and Usage


      discord server

      Since the installation is complete for your device, should we take a look at how to use it now? Discord offers the ability to create a dedicated, invitation-only server for friends and communities. You can think of it as a place where you can talk to each other and play games, and it’s called a server. You can work on this server. You can join multiple servers or open it yourself if you want. Wouldn’t it be nice to start with a social gathering through discord?

      Discord Voice Channel and Chat Channel

      discord chat channel

      Discord Voice Channel and Chat Channel You can also create separate channels for the subject you want. This is the section shown below.


      discord voice channel

      Below is the voice channel. I can communicate with people through videos. Not only can you participate by clicking on it, but your friends on the server can check their access and start a conversation or share a screen.


      How to Participate in Discord Channels


      How to Participate in Voice and Video Channels

      It’s simple to join a channel. If you want to use a voice channel, you can participate by clicking on it. You can even chat, video chat, share the screen, and stream on the server. You can also mute your voice.

      How to Participate in Discord Voice Channels

      Discord Voice Channel Engagement Details

      Methods and tips for participating in the discord voice channel are shown below. You can click on the voice channel within the server and set the voice input and input sensitivity through setup.


      participating in discord video channel

      Here’s a simple way to join a discord streaming channel. Find the person with the live icon and click Join stream. You can change the size and location of the window after you participate.


      Discord Preferences


      To set up a discord voice video

      One of the best parts of the deco is the voice and video settings. When you set sensitivity, if you can’t hear the other person, your microphone is often not set up, but check if the output volume and device are well set up.


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