How to turn off Facebook while active to protect access time

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There are cases where you do not want to notify the status of your activity (access) on Facebook, a social network service. There are many cases where it is very reluctant to see someone watching me active, but since it is a feature provided by default on Facebook, you have to manually cancel the active state. However, since this is simpler than you think, please set it up right away.


      turn off facebook active


      Facebook Messenger: What is Activity Status Change?

      my activity on facebook In some cases, you do not want to inform the other party. Facebook is usually meant to be shared with others. It’s obvious that you’re logged in, but I’m leaving it off because it can make you feel bad if you don’t reply back. FacebookAs soon as you access it, it is displayed as active, so your friends can know in real time if you are online. To prevent this, some settings are required. Today, let’s take a look at how to set it up.


      Check activity status display

      Activity status display

      Whether to show activity status

      It is a function that informs you that you are active by setting the activity status, but it is often unnecessary. This is because there is no need to expose that I am connected when I do not need to notify that I am connected. It’s like logging in to Facebook and the time pops up to let you know my activity. Click my picture at the top of the screen to check whether the activity status is applied.


      How to turn off activity status display


      How to turn off mobile activity status display

      How to unmark during activity is simpler than you think. You can do this by selecting the menu icon in the Facebook app, scrolling down the menu screen, and tapping Settings and Privacy. Select the activity status of ‘Public Scope’ and cancel the activity status display.


      PC (Web) Change my activity status

      As soon as you connect to Facebook on the desktop, which is not mobile, it will be displayed as active immediately. If you press the Settings button on the lower right menu screen where you can check the status of messengers with your friends, the following appears.


      Select the activity status you want to cancel on Facebook Messenger and the app. In addition, if you choose to disable activity status, you can select in which scope the activity status is not displayed as shown below. You can choose whether to select all contacts or turn off activity status for some contacts. Also as messenger DiscordI use it quite a bit, but for an article about Discord, please refer to the article below.

      Facebook activity status QnA


      Why should I keep my activity status (in activity) private?

      If it is running in the background, it may not be deactivated and may be marked as active. This can lead to misunderstandings as well as to eat up unnecessary resources.

      If it is displayed even after deactivation

      Occasionally, if active is displayed even after deactivation has been completed, it may be caused by not canceling the active status in Facebook Messenger.

      Is it possible to selectively disable Facebook activity status?

      If you want to selectively cancel Facebook activity status, you can selectively cancel it by selecting one of All Contacts / Activity Settings Contacts / Some Contacts on the desktop activity status check screen.


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