How to watch YouTube PIP mode pop-up in Chrome

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YouTube has been going through a lot of changes lately. In the case of the pip function, which is one of the various functions, you can use YouTube while doing other work. This is an abbreviation for Picture In Picture. Literally, it means putting a picture in a picture. It has the advantage of being able to use it without using the full screen mode when the screen you are using is relatively narrower than the PC. There are many different ways to use YouTube. Try creating a YouTube shortcut


      How to use picture-in-picture mode

      One click to use picture-in-picture mode

      Use of picture-in-picture mode directly in chrome

      With the advent of smartphones and the growth of the PC usage environment, there are many cases in which multiple tasks are performed at the same time. For this, let’s look at the case of activating the PIP mode of the Chrome browser that can be used at the same time. youtube link


      Play the video you want in picture-in-picture mode

      When you play a video, if you look at the tab in the upper right corner, a button called Music, Video, etc.. will appear. Through this button we can set various things. Even if it is not on the YouTube screen, you can watch it anywhere in the Chrome environment.

      Confirm that PIP mode is started at the bottom of the screen

      Start picture-in-picture mode

      It’s very easy to upload a YouTube video. YouTube is also a trend, but you can start PIP mode with the push of a button like this. I’m watching Lim Young-woong’s hero birthday video. A lot of people are watching, so I’m watching it too. Here you can see the button to start the mode or to use the next video, previous video, still play, etc. all over the place YoutubeIn the Naver web browser, which is based on Chrome, the PIP mode separates the video played in the existing browser window and plays it in a separate small player. The advantage is that you can have a small player with ‘always on top’ next to you and do other tasks.


      When to use picture-in-picture mode?

      Using PIP mode while using Naver

      Picture-in-picture mode when working on something else

      Quite a lot of times you’ll be working on finding a video you want to see. In my case, the reason I use dual monitors or wide panels is because I can do a lot of work at once. However, there are many users who do not have a built-in environment, so it has the advantage of being able to comfortably watch videos and perform other tasks when using PIP mode.

      YouTube PIP Mode QnA


      What are the advantages of YouTube PIP?

      Small players can stay the same when you switch browser tabs or windows. The advantage is that even if the browser is minimized, the small player can still use it. It can also be freely moved in size and position, so you can use it to suit your environment.

      What are the downsides of YouTube PIP mode?

      It cannot be seen as a major drawback, but in the case of video subtitles, it is not reflected directly on the small player, but appears in the center of the screen, which sometimes blocks the view. However, in the case of built-in subtitles, since they are processed as images, you can view them in the reflected state.

      What are the features of YouTube PIP mode?

      Another feature is that when you close YouTube, the small player is also closed. No separate shutdown is required. Also, if you go to the page where the video is playing, the mini player will also stop playing, so you can see that it's in sync.

      iPhone YouTube Premium PIP not working

      In iPhone, PIP mode using Safari was supported in iOS14, but after the official version was released, the PIP mode through Safari was not available on YouTube side.

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