How to display access time to check Facebook activity status

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Since it’s been a while since it was released, you can check your activity (connection) status on Facebook, which is now almost a national SNS. Many people are checking Facebook access time through this built-in feature, so let’s take a look at it together. You can check the previous article on how to turn off Facebook activity status.


      How to check activity status

      activity status display

      Check your activity status display

      In general, when you connect to Facebook on a PC, you can check the activity status (connecting) of the other person in the Contacts tab. When the green light is on, you can see that the other person is currently on Facebook, even if they only came and went a few minutes ago. Because the time is displayed, you can immediately check the end time. You can choose whether to enable and show your login status. You can check the activity status of the other party, which is set as you are shown.


      How to see opponent activity status

      facebook activity status

      mobile activity state

      You can see your current activity status on your profile, which by default prioritizes people in your contacts and people in chat. As long as you haven’t changed your settings to Disabled, you’ll see them everywhere.


      Activity Status Preferences

      Facebook chat settings window

      Activity status setting window

      When you connect to Facebook, the time you are using and the time you are using based on the friend who has a green light is displayed, which is set as a relative time by default. For example, it is displayed in the same form as 1 hour ago. In the messenger settings, various settings are available as follows. Also, in the chat settings, you can disable or set the activity status, including incoming call notifications and message notifications. This can be used if you don’t want to see your activity status.


      How to set your Facebook activity status

      Click the Messenger icon in the top right corner of your Facebook account, and click the Settings button. You can then apply by pressing Set Active State or Clear Activity State.

      What is Facebook activity log privacy?

      You can use your activity log on Facebook to hide or delete certain content. You can also move some of them to your library or trash, and the content you hide from your profile won't be visible anywhere, such as newsfeed or search.

      Is it possible to selectively disable Facebook activity status?

      If you want to selectively disable your Facebook activity status, you can selectively disable it by selecting one of all contacts / active contacts / some contacts on the desktop activity status check screen.


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