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Kakao Webtoon is a cartoon platform created by Kakao. Daum Webtoon, the origin of Korean webtoon, has been rebranded as Kakao Webtoon, providing a service that allows you to view popular works for free and for a fee. In the case of popular webtoons, paid episodes can also be viewed for free with a system that automatically recharges after a certain period of time.

Kakao Webtoon Basic Information

System requirements and specifications

Kakao Webtoon App
Kakao Webtoon App
ListMore information
developerCocoa However.
operating systemWindows / Android / iOS / MacOS
fileWeb / Android / iOS
update2021/10/15 Ver3.1.3
Specification information

Kakao Webtoon, with the slogan of creating a space that is pleasing to the eyes and hands through constant search for works, allows you to see the works of the original authors at a glance. Why don’t you watch cartoons according to your taste with various works that can fascinate people all over the world?

service image

Kakao Webtoon App
Kakao Webtoon App
Kakao Webtoon Storage
Kakao Webtoon Storage
Browse popular webtoons
Browse popular webtoons

Features and Details

Kakao Webtoon has the ability to view popular cartoons such as original webtoons, original novels, and sniper works found with a recommendation system at a glance, and the service is provided on desktop and mobile (Android, iOS). Meet the works that are updated daily along with the familiar and convenient functions used in the existing Daum Webtoon.

Installation method and usage

In addition, the UX/UI of Kakao Webtoon, which was renewed in Daum Webtoon, has changed considerably, and it has been changed to an automatic scrolling form when searching for manga. It is optimized for mobile and works in the same way on PC. The original webtoons that are serialized every day are works that can be found on Kakao Webtoon and Kakao Page. Also, receiving gifts, vouchers, and cash pouring in every day through various events is another fun you can feel while watching webtoons.


When is the Kakao Webtoon event?

Kakao Webtoon's events are held irregularly. Please check the notice. To commemorate the launch, the 5,000-cash event ended on August 31st.

What is the next Webtoon League Challenge-Manga and Best-Challenge-Manga?

We are running a webtoon league system that ranks popular comics among amateur comics. Comics selected in consideration of readers' reactions and ratings are sometimes given an opportunity to be officially serialized.

Are there any inconvenient disadvantages of Kakao Webtoon?

Many of the reviews that said it was inconvenient were that Daum Webtoon was reorganized into Kakao Webtoon and the existing UI/UX was changed a lot, so it was inconvenient. One of them is the automatic scrolling applied when searching for works, which some people find uncomfortable about.


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